4. Hair today, gone tomorrow!!

I would like to start this post with saying how much I LOVE having long blonde hair. I’ve always had long blonde hair ever since I was young, it makes me feel like me! Guess what?? maintaining beautiful long and blonde hair on the trail is a near impossibility, my hair gets matted as it is, I often rate it on a scale of good to jack sparrow, let alone not washing or brushing it for days on end. I can hide twigs, food and pens in my hair now, what would happen in the 100 mile wilderness?

I decided over a year ago when I was planning this adventure that I would grow my hair as long as I could, then, right before I left I would have it all cut off and donate it to the Little Princess Trust who make real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair. So last week I walked in to my hairdressers and was proud as punch for her to lop of a whopping 12 inches off and walked out with a lush chocolate brown bob.

Check out the before and after pics and tell me what you think! I love my cool undercut, makes me feel bad ass!!!




5 thoughts on “4. Hair today, gone tomorrow!!

  1. Jade

    I’m glad I got to take the before and after photos it’s such a nice shock and no more brushing it , But some child is going to look fabulous with your hair and will be very happy which makes me very happy as well ,😘😘😘😘


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