About the Trail

10 Fun Facts:

  1.  The whole trail is approximately 2198 miles through, over, under and around the Appalachian Mountain range in the USA

2. It travels through 14 states

3. Clingmans Dome in Tennessee is the highest point on the trail, standing at 6644ft.

4. The elevation gain and loss over the entire trail is the equivalent of climbing Everest 16 TIMES!!!

5.  One of the very first thru hikers was a 67 year old women nicknamed Grandma Gatewood, who completed her journey in 1955 with a homemade denim bag slung over her shoulder fleeing from a violent husband. At the time she had 11 children and 23 grandchildren and simply told her family she was going out for a walk!

6. The current fastest thru hike was completed in just 47 days, that’s hiking an average daily mileage of 47 miles.

7. There is a tradition of giving Trail Names, each hiker is assigned a nickname that sums up their hiking persona, its often assigned by other hikers after ‘hiker mishaps’ occur.

8. There are approximately 165,000 white blazes that mark the path of the Appalachian Trail and its currently the longest hiking only trail in the world.

9. Bears, moose, snakes and spiders can all put a stop to your hike if you get in their way, but by far the most threatening creature on the trail is a tick, often only the size of a grain of sand.

10. This is McAfee Knob and it’s the most photographed spot on the trail, watch this space for mine in the coming months, just don’t tell my mum I went near the edge!

Glossary of terms

A.T – Appalachian Trail

NOBO – North bound, from Georgia to Maine

SOBO – South bound, Maine to Georgia

PUDS – Pointless ups and downs

Flip Flopper – Hiking in a non contiguous manner

HYOH – Hike your own hike

Springer Mountain – Southern Terminus

Katahdin – Northern Terminus

LNT – Leave no trace

Zero – A day with no hiking

Nero – a Day with nearly no hiking

Trail Angel – People who do kind things for hikers, from leaving drinks and snacks on the trail to inviting them into their homes.