About Me


I’m not good at writing about myself, so instead here is a list of things I love:

  • Adventures with my friends and family
  • Adventures on my own
  • Adventures with Mavis
  • Adventures that go on and on an on, some may call them life long
  • Adventures involving eating a lot of good food
  • Adventures that require a considerable amount of sleep to recover
  • Adventures that are unplanned
  • Adventures that take years to prepare for
  • Adventures that utilise my love of writing lists
  • Adventures that need tap shoes, ballet shoes or no shoes
  • Adventures that I need to turn a page to find out what will happen
  • Adventures brought to you by a man named Walt
  • Adventures I don’t even know about yet.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jody

    Hey Soph! Have loved reading the first 3 blogs! And mega excited for this epic adventure you are going to take on!

    I’ve saved the link and cannot wait to follow your amazing journey!

    I have no doubt you are going to smash it!!!!


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